childcare-providers70 % of working parents place their young children in childcare. I’m a firm believer of the “it takes a village” school of thought. The moment a working parent drops off the child for the first time, whether its a new born, or a 4 yr old, a parent will never forget this moment.

If you have the “peace-of-mind” that your caregiver will be a partner in your happy village , it will help. Start early, begin touring and interviewing in-home child care providers during pregnancy if possible. In-home child care is much smaller than the big center based care, and enrollment fills up quickly.

Be sure your provider has years of experience. It is best for the child to stay with the same caregiver as they grow from infant to toddler to preschooler. Once you have made up your mind and decided on a provider, ask to be put on a waiting list. Many in-home facilities will take a deposit and reserve contracted days for your child. So remember, visit many in-home child care providers, interview providers with much experience, and reserve your child’s place early.