For Growing Bones…….Which Milk?

milk-mistacheIf you have a child under two years, offer whole milk after breast milk or formula. Babies and toddlers need the fat from whole milk to grow properly.
Starting at age two, children can drink low-fat milk. It’s a good habit for your wholefamily to learn. Drinking low-fat milk is one way to get less fat, especially saturated fat.
Change slowly to low-fat milk. Switch first from whole milk to 2% milk. When your child gets used to the flavor, try 1% milk. Offer 1% milk on cereal and in smoothies. Your child probably won’t notice.
Check the Nutrient Facts panel on milk cartons to find the benefits. You’ll see several nutrients that everyone in your family needs.

  1. Calcium and vitamin D
  2. Protein
  3. Vitamin A