March is National Nutrition Month

Family Meals: The Benefits of Cooking and Eating as a Family!

Enjoy the taste of eating right. Studies have shown that eating meals as a family promotes healthier eating habits at the dining table.

**Start slowly. Having dedicated family time for dinner is hard to come by, especially with a busy schedule.

**Plan menus together. Preparing meals should not always have to be done by one person. Have every member in the family participate. From choosing ingredients to cutting vegetables, everyone in the family can take part in food preparations. . Even small children can pick a main dish or the veggie or fruit.

**Set the right mood. Have colored napkins or place-mats of their favorite characters on the dining table.

**Talk. Conversations while eating together can impact the mealtime experience. Talk to the child and ask how their day is going, what their favorite color is, or if they made new friends today.

**Turn off the T.V., phones and anything else that makes noise. They create distractions that can throw off family eating routine.