Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 2.09.00 PMChildren learn best through their senses. Providing opportunities for them to use all 5 senses will allow them to have new experiences and make discoveries which promote brain development.

SEEING – Let them explore….do you see grass, dirt, rocks or ants? Look up….do you see trees, butterflies, bumblebees and ladybugs?

HEARING – Ask children what do you hear outside? Do you hear dogs barking, wind blowing, birds singing?

TOUCHING – Bury small items in the sand box. Ask them to explain what shape they are feeling? Round or corners? What size are they feeling….tiny, small, big?

SCENT – Ask children…..what do you smell? Do you smell the warm summer air? Do you smell fresh cut grass or spring flowers? Tell me about them….are they sweet or strong? What does that sent remind you of?

TASTING – Let your child help you choose a variety of seasonal produce. Have a picnic and ask…what does this taste like? Is it sweet or sour? Is it salty or bitter? Encourage your child to express what they are tasting and be descriptive