Encourage children to take responsibility and accomplish tasks independently.

Lined-UpSelf-help skills

  • Go to the bathroom alone.
  • Wash hands alone after using the bathroom.
  • Open snacks independently.
  • Throw trash away and clean up after him/herself.
  • Putting away personal items.
  • Dressing
  • Tying shoes


  • Write his/her name.
  • Recognize the letters of the alphabet
  • Sing the ABC song
  • Count to 30
  • Identify basic shapes and colors
  • Sing songs and recite nursery rhymes

Behavior and Socialization

  • Wait his or her turn.
  • Follow 2 & 3 step directions.
  • Sit for a 10-15 minute story.
  • Keep hands and feet to self.
  • Share
  • Be kind to self and others.
  • Practice good manners: “thank you”, “please”, etc.