Miss Mandy is the best provider around. I interviewed several providers in out area. No one compared to Mandy. I knew from the moment I met her and saw how her home preschool was set-up, that she was the person I wanted my children with. Our son has been in Miss Mandy’s care since he was 11 weeks old & is now getting ready to go to kindergarten. Our daughter has been in Miss Mandy’s since she was a young infant and she is now 2 years old. Miss Mandy’s is a fun, safe & loving place. She is wonderful to our children. She is dedicated to the children and has dedicated a large part of her home to the children. “Very kid-friendly”
The Williamson Family


My son Kelly, had been cared for by Miss Mandy since he was 12 months old until he was 4-1/2 years old. Mandy’s love for her work and years of experience have been a great advantage to our family. Because my son is an only child, the social experience of how to treat friends, to share, play, and work together with the other wonderful children in this small group, has been ideal. My son plays and learns in a safe, clean and enriched environment with a predictable daily schedule that I have relied on to bring home a happy child that usually doesn’t want to leave. To see my son happy, content, and secure has been a blessing. Miss Mandy provides music, crafts and creative activities geared for each child’s age and development. She has high standards and clearly communicates her expressions to the families she cares for. You won’t find anyone who does the job so well and has this much positive energy! From the freshly prepared home cooked meals, to learning through games, story time, dress up and free play. Miss Mandy’s in home care is a great place for babies through kindergarten age children.
Lynn Phelan, Folsom Ca.


My son Nicholas has been in Miss Mandy’s care since he was a little over 4 months. Miss Mandy greeted us with one of the warmest smiles and she has been smiling ever since. I remember how Mandy immediately gave all her attention to my son and I knew my search was over. Mandy has been loving, caring and concerned about the happiness and well being of our son from day one. And probably more than anything, I love her Sunny disposition! I can assure you that Miss Mandy has experience and loves what she does for a living. For a parent, that’s like winning the lottery! Thanks for the opportunity Miss Mandy! All our love,
Denise & Alan


When you trust someone with the most precious thing in life, you have to be sure that the person is loving and trust-worthy. These are just a few of the many qualities that Miss Mandy possesses. Being a first time Mom, she has guided me in many areas with her expertise as well.
Ashley Madinger


My son has been in Miss Mandy’s care since he was 4 months old. I interviewed several other child care providers ranging from facilities to in-home. From the moment I met Miss Mandy, I knew my son would receive only the best of care he could receive outside of our own home. I know that he is safe, staying active, and that by the wonderful smell of a home cooked meal when he gets dropped off every morning, that he is eating well too! He will often ask me on the weekends if he can go to Miss Mandy’s. Miss Mandy has so much love in her heart for all the children and I would recommend her to ANYONE with a child, no matter the age.
Amanda P.


I had my doubts of being able to find my son a daycare where he would feel secure. The moment we walked into Miss Mandy’s, my son was greeted with a big hug & surprisingly he ran right up to Miss Mandy with his arms open. I owe a great deal of gratitude for her participation in the growth and happiness of my child.
Matt Hill


My new son is thriving there. Miss Mandy is about true happy childcare for both the child & parent and I’ve seen that demonstrated. Miss Mandy has my son part-time from infancy. She took care of him in his worst days of infancy – unrelenting colic & he required medication. My son is 3 now, & has picked up only good habits & additional manners. Its like a preschool in a home. Clean, clean, clean….I adore the service she provides. I highly recommend her!
Joanne Madams


I will always be grateful for Mandy! I wouldn’t take my little angel anywhere else. She truly has a gift with caring for children!! Thank you Mandy!! You are awesome!
Carrie & Eric Petersen


I brought my son to Miss Mandy when he was 9 months old. Even after we moved 2 hours away, I drove him to spend the day with her a few times a month because he loved her SO much! And her home cooking was better that what I do at home. She is loving, caring & very appropriate with the children. She gently teaches them in everything they do. My son is 6 1/2 and we still come and visit Mandy…..”she has become a member of our family”.
Keisha Edmunds


Both of our daughters love Miss Mandy. She is caring and provides a fun environment for the kids. My girls even ask to go to Miss Mandy’s on the days we are not scheduled to go. They love it there!
Amy Flores


Mandy puts her heart, sole and everything else into watching your children. She is organized, stays on schedule, reliable and most of all she loves what she does.
Holly Miller


I searched & interviewed. It was not easy however, I found a wonderful caregiver, Miss Mandy. She opened up her home & her heart to our son. She provided an environment that was loving and stimulating. Mandy has a wonderful way with children. She was blessed with both patience & tenderness. Anyone would be fortunate to have her touch the life of their child.
Robin & Daniel Seay